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FreshTrack Cloud Grower System is the ultimate solution tailored specifically for growers of fresh produce. This cutting-edge system empowers you to streamline your crop management practices by seamlessly integrating planning, scheduling, monitoring, controlling, and record-keeping functionalities.

With the FreshTrack Grower System, you gain unprecedented and instantaneous access to vital information, enabling you to optimize your agribusiness operations like never before. No more guesswork, you can make informed decisions to achieve sustainability while maximizing profit. Harvest data is fed directly into nominated packing facilities running the FreshTrack Cloud Packing System, maintaining a complete history for traceability purposes.

The Grower Base System comes with all the essential features required for growers, and many optional ones, like Weather Data, Registered Chemical Database, Integration with Precision Farming AI, Inventory, Timesheets, Forecasting, and more.

Our Benefits

With the Grower system, you can benefit immediately through completely transparent and accurate record keeping and reporting. No expensive computer equipment required, all you need is a Web Browser.
Simplify planning, planting, and harvesting.
Tracking of chemical and fertilizer use.
Accessible planting and crop history.
Access your data from anywhere.
…and much more!

Base Grower System

The Base Farming Module provides the functionality to define Farms, Blocks, Plantings, and optionally Rows and/or Bays, Production Units, Local naming conventions, users, and permissions.

The Reporting Module is powered by Bold Reports, a cloud-based reporting tool fully integrated into all Base Systems. A standard set of reports are provided, but custom reports can be designed in-house or by FreshTrack Technitians.

The Mapping Module allows you to use Satellite Image maps to define farm, block and planting GIS boundaries.

The Activity Module is used to record all activities performed in the field that use assets or consume resources. Typically used as a chemical diary, it also has powerful features for designing Schedules (all activities to prepare, plant and grow a crop), and Activities (all the resources required to perform an activity). Templates of Scheduled activities get applied to Plantings based on a Control Date, typically Planting Date (Annual Crops), or Harvest Date (Tree Crops). Activity Diary entries can be performed on workstations or by using the FieldOp App on Android and IOS mobile devices.

Grower System Addons

The Asset Maintenance Addon allows you to record service history either by kilometer, hour, or time period. It allows service documents to be stored for easy retrieval, record parts suppliers, service companies, repair history and breakdown history. Assets may be anything that requires regular servicing, e.g. Tractor, Truck, Irrigation Pump, Grader load cells, etc.


The Forecasting Addon allows you to program future order commitments and production supply commitments strategically or tactically. The surplus or deficit from forecasting allows real-time alerts for over or under supply and predicts harvest date, quality and tonnage for committed and actual orders.


The Chemicals Addon includes a subscription to current Australian registered chemicals, hosts, and uses.


With our Industry Standard Inventory System Addon, it is easy to manage purchases, stock takes, draw down from production data, and calculations of re-order points of resource items. When used in conjunction with a Bill of Material, it can draw down multiple inventory items (e.g. when one Count 18 Mango Tray is produced, it can draw down 1 Base, 1 Lid, 1 Liner, 1 Tray Sticker and 18 Fruit Stickers).


The Forms (QA) Addon is used to record virtually anything. It is a user definable template system that replaces all manual record keeping such as forecast yield estimates, harvest produce quality assessments, scales calibrations, packed produce assessments, etc. Assigned to control points, Forms can be referenced from reporting: Grower, Farm, Block, Planting, Harvest Receivals, Bins, Batches, Packed Products, Pallets, Assets, Employees, and more. Templates may prompt users for Photos, Barcodes, RFID Tags, GIS Location, free text, drop-down lists and numeric fields. When Bin/Carton Barcodes or a RFID Tags are read, known information does not need to be re-entered: simply scan a tray barcode and then record presentation and weight. Forms can be performed on workstations or on Android/iOS mobile devices using the FieldOp App.


Our upcoming Precision Farming AI Addon includes the collection of field data via sensors to measure temperature, humidity, solar radiation, soil data, and data directly from the leaves of plants. This information is used to make predictions and recommendations for irrigation, fertilizer usage and for the application of chemicals.


The Timesheet Addon is used to clock employees in and out from work areas and roles, accurately measuring their work time.



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