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FreshTrack Cloud Marketer System unlocks a new level of transparency and control in fresh produce procurement and supply. Seamlessly plan and manage your marketing operations, whether you’re selling directly to Buyers or via Ripeners and Distributors. With FreshTrack Marketer System, you gain complete traceability, starting from the supplier and extending throughout the entire supply chain.

Our Benefits

Marketers benefit from our traceability capabilities and from our integrations with different systems, rounded off with powerful reporting features for detailed insights required to make informed business decisions.
Full traceability through the entire chain.
Assign purchase orders to packers.
Powerful forecasting capabilities.
B2B & EDI Integration
Reporting features for detailed insights

Base Marketer System

The Base Marketer System enables products to be marketed to multiple Buyers either direct or via multiple Distributors. Purchase Orders can be assigned to one or more Packers with instructions whether to ship direct or via Distributors. Distributors and/or Ripeners can repack, re-grade, waste, re-palletise, re-label or onforwards direct to Buyers. Distributors may be setup to log into Freshtrack Marketer to view order instructions and reprint SSCC labels if pallets get unstacked and re-palletised, and generate ASN's for Chain Ctores, or print/email Consignment Notes and Invoices for non-EDI Buyers.

Marketer System Addons

The Forecasting Addon allows you to program future order commitments and production supply commitments strategically or tactically. The surplus or deficit from forecasting allows real-time alerts for over or under supply and predicts harvest date, quality and tonnage for committed and actual orders.


The B2B Addon supports integration with Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, and non-EDI buyers through Xchange VAN Service, FreshTrack Xchange VAN Interface, and FreshTrack 3rd Party VAN Interface. Orders can also be imported manually by uploading XML files or CSV spreadsheets.



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